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Dia Ballou has been a Shambhala Buddhist practitioner since 1997, when she met the inscrutably kind couple Paul and Jenny Warwick in Bellingham, WA, and instantly knew she needed to know their secret. Since then, she has moved to Vermont, where she does therapeutic work with children, volunteers at the White River Shambhala Center, and cares for a small but flourishing household of two.

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White River JCT train yard

Meditation Space: White River Junction

When I lived at the meditation center, I liked to visit this cute little Vermont town.  Having lived in cities all my life, I would strain to imagine what it was like to live, day in and day out, in White River Junction.   After dropping someone off at the train station here, I would kick around in the railroad yard in a wistful, longing way.  It hardly seemed possible to actually live in such a place, unless one were either financially independent or willing to live very simply… but ten ... continue reading