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Founder & Executive Director TAZ TAGORE is the founder and Executive Director of Reciprocity Foundation. A social entrepreneur and Buddhist practitioner and teacher, prior to co-founding the Reciprocity Foundation, she was a strategy consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, an investment banker on Wall Street and led the Sales/Marketing team at Edwin Schlossberg’s design firm (ESI Design). Taz has spent over 15 years volunteering at youth shelters and working with homeless youth in the U.S., Canada and in India. She has been featured on countless television programs and newspaper articles for her work with homeless youth. She graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Biology and Chemistry and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. She leads many of the weekend retreats for homeless youth and teaches contemplative practice at the Reciprocity center in Manhattan.

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Holistic Meditation and At-Risk Youth

The Reciprocity Foundation: Holistic Meditation and High-Risk Youth

UPDATE from Jeanine Greenleaf ~ 12/13/2013 Our mission at Samadhi Cushions is to support the practice of mindfulness meditation as a way to inspire a sane society. We have done this over the years in our support for retreat centers like our neighbor Karme Choling, which provide a place for busy people to slow down and meet their mind and heart. At the same time, retreat centers are, by and large, privileged places for privileged people. I am so delighted that Samadhi Cushions is also able to support the retreats for ... continue reading