Kneeling Bench, Kneeling Bench, how do I use thee? Let me count the ways.

I noticed something the other day. In the midst of doing some research about how people find us, I stumbled on a website with a link to the kneeling meditation bench on our website. The thing is, this site was a bit out of the ordinary.

But first, yes, we are working on a meditation bench with folding legs. The Kneeling Meditation Bench – from the Zen tradition — is a bench suitable for those with trouble sitting in a cross-legged posture. Folding legs make for easier transport. Decent hinges – that is hinges with some tension that will hold their place are, however, very expensive. At the same time, we don’t want to make a bench with legs that flop around when the bench is carried. Stay tuned, we have a new design in the works and we’re optimistic.

Our video on Meditation Benches shows how to use the Kneeling Bench if you are curious. Ours is made here in Vermont from solid hardwood and is used with the Zabuton mat. The Zabuton cushions the knees, shins and ankles during sitting.

Now, about the referring website. We visited this site, with cheerful pastel colors for its design and upbeat copy with a helpful tone. OK, this is where it gets tricky. This site is dedicated to practices that come under the general heading of something often identified with two letters connected by an ampersand (&). These are the same two letters that head up the words “Sitting Meditation”. Connect the two letters that begin these two words with the ampersand and you should be following the drift.

The spiritual path, it is said, requires surrender, but here was discussed surrender of a different sort. Some say we are a slave to our own egos, but of course this usually involves being a slave to other things along the way.

“Not just for meditation” read the helpful comment next to the link. I guess it shouldn’t have as a surprise that the kneeling bench supports a posture that allows one to properly humble oneself before something less than the divine.

Our experience of the world, they say, is subjective. To one person, our meditation cushions and benches are support for a practice that uncovers the natural sanity and gentleness inherent in us all. For another, is an entirely different affair. To be honest, we were a little shocked by the referring web site. Still, perhaps we should take the long view. It might be better to have a meditation bench in someone’s toolbox than not to have one. Someday, that same bench may be used to free the buyer from the chains of ego and self-obsession.

While we wait for a bench user to wake up to the inspiration to move beyond the bonds of indulgence, we can still wish that the bench will bring someone happiness, if even for a little while and in unintended ways. Until then, we will submit to making and selling the Kneeling Meditation Bench to whomever wants one. It is our painful pleasure.

Michael Greenleaf (Samadhi Cushions Marketing)

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