Staff Book Picks – February 2017

Every month, each member of the Samadhi Cushions team recommends  a different book of their choice.

The Road Home
By Ethan Nichtern
“A kind of companion book to Chögyam Trungpa’s Sacred Path of the Warrior, The Road Home evidences Mr. Nichtern’s depth as a student, teacher and writer in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. What is also clear is that he is a sensitive and savvy man of the world. What does being fully engaged in the “spiritual” and the “worldly” look and sound like? Read this book!”

— Michael Greenleaf


By Red Pine

“I love Red Pine’s edition of the Diamond Sutra. He puts the Sutra itself right up front, with no footnotes or other apparatus so the reader meets it head on, without any distractions. Then he gives a general introduction and a detailed commentary on each verse, his own commentary as well as excerpts from explanations given by dozens of teachers through the past few centuries. Red Pine’s prose style is elegant and readable, and gives a nuts-and-bolts sense of practicality to the sometimes esoteric subject matter, and a vivid sense of the drama of the unfolding dialogue as the Buddha guides his student Subhuti toward an increasingly profound understanding. ”

— Sumner Bradley


By Chögyam Trungpa

“Relating to fear is one of the great challenges in our lives. It can seem like an enemy that we must avoid or conquer. In Smile at Fear, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche tells us that if we let ourselves experience our fears directly we can overcome self-doubt and awaken confidence and compassion.

— Mark Wilhelmi


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