Staff Book Picks – January 2017

Every month, each member of the Samadhi Cushions team recommends  a different book of their choice.

Glimpses of the Profound
By Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
“Scanning, this book, realized that I attended this seminar in person over 40 years ago. From the Glimpses of Mahayana seminar (Karmê Chöling 1973): “It is based not on becoming higher, greater, or better persons but on finding tendencies of ‘awake’ that exist within us. It is an uncovering process rather than an expanding out.” To read these seminars is to understand the roots of the Shambhala community.

— Jeanine Greenleaf


By Larry Rosenberg and David Guy

“This was recommended to me by Mrs. Greenleaf. In it, Larry Rosenberg unpacks in a very engaging way the practices that I think of as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. When meditation starts to feel too familiar, or I think I know what it is, I find it so helpful to get a different perspective, and I found this one very detailed and very useful. And very readable.”

— Sumner Bradley


By Jan Chozen Bays, M.D.

“A Buddhist-oriented (the author is a pediatrician and long time Zen teacher), thoughtful and thorough look at the habit of eating. Helpful for the practitioner who wants to bring the awareness cultivated in sitting meditation to food and consumption altogether. From the Summary Tips: Know when it’s not the body but the heart that is asking to be fed.”

— Michael Greenleaf


By Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

The Shambhala Principle is the conviction that each of  us and all of society are basically good.  In this book Sakyong Mipham explains how we can live our lives and build an enlightened society based on basic goodness.  In these confusing, stressful times his words remind me that we can uplift our world. 

— Mark Wilhelmi


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  1. This is an awesome list and I loved receiving this on a snow, icey morning in Burlington. Is there a way I can receive this monthly?

    Karen Sheppard

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I love the book recommendations. And I also loved your blog post today, thank you again for that.

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