Staff Book Picks – November 2017

When they have a moment, a member of the Samadhi Cushions team recommends a different meditation book of their choice.

by Sakyong Mipham

Meditation Books: The Lost Art of Good Conversation
The Lost Art of Good Conversation

“One of the ironies of our time is that while we have more ways of communicating than ever, we often fail to connect with each other. In The Lost Art of Good Conversation Sakyong Mipham offers us much needed guidance in how to communicate. His basic message is that we can be present with each other and truly connect. This is not a standard self-help book. It is not about making chit-chat or saying the ‘right things’ to get ahead in the world. It is grounded in mindfulness, and it encourages speaking from a place of kindness. Sakyong Mipham asks us to avoid gossip, compliant, and debate in favor of showing consideration for others and really listening to what they have to say so that we can uplift our society one conversation at a time.”

— Mark Wilhelmi

Zen Baggage
By Bill Porter

Meditation Book: Zen Baggage
Zen Baggage

“The next of Bill Porter’s China travel books, in Zen Baggage he makes pilgrimage organized around the first six patriarchs of Zen, while also searching for particular varieties of tea. Where his earlier book Road to Heaven focused on more solitary practitioners, here he visits monasteries that either have been established near the sites associated with these early Zen masters, or that are close to the path of his travels. The result is a lovely combination of historical background, shoe-leather travelogue, interviews with monastic leaders, and translations, giving a picture of institutional Zen in China both in its current state and in historical context.”

— Sumner Bradley

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