the oldest zafu


Couple of years ago one of the folks working at Samadhi Cushions found one of our zafus at a yard sale on the other side of the state and bought it just for fun.    We have it from our president Jeanine Greenleaf that it dates back to the company’s first or second year, ca 1976-77.

Most of the time it stays up on a shelf in the shipping department, but once in a while we let it hang out with its old pal Pencil Sharpener and watch the rain fall on Stevens River, which flows by Samadhi Cushions about a half-mile below Karme Choling.

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  1. Nice post 🙂 there’s something just right about a zafu going on a journey, being that it is the seat for so many inner journeys. Who knows how many journeys that zafu has supported? Now it gets to sit and watch the river. How nice.

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